Marv Goble ...songwriter


As a songwriter he has had the pleasure of co-writing with England’s’ 60’s song writing great, Mr. Chris Andrews, as well as gospel artist/songwriter and ten year Sir Cliff Richard musician, Mr. John Perry and last but certainly not least, he has written and continues to work on songs with one of his brothers, Ron Goble.

For ten years, until 2007, while commuting between London, England and Vancouver BC, Marv touched "lightly" on the acting profession as a sideline. He enjoyed a sunny day at the London Eye playing a tourist, bumping into the star, Martin Hendersen, in a close up shot. in the Bollywood movie, "Bride and Prejudice". Sadly, the little scene ended up on the cutting room floor! He also appeared on the populare British TV police show, "The Bill", and has appeared in a "Barclays Bank" commercial and a "Kit Kat" commercial. His home in England enjoyed greater movie success with a starring role as Denny's house in the Kevin Kostner film, "Upside of Anger"!

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